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Monday, January 28, 2008

UA&P I AM S.T.R.O.N.G. : A break from all the issues

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Friday, January 25, 2008

UA&P I AM S.T.R.O.N.G. : The Truth Will Prevail

Ruther Chan shares..

Last December 2007, ABS-CBN filed a case against AGB Nielsen, a research firm that specializes on the study of TV consumption. ABS-CBN’s allegation was about the result of the ratings that the AGB-Nielsen provided. The network claimed that the result of the ratings have something to do with some bribery of other networks in Bacolod. ABS-CBN believed that the other network provided groceries, and cash to those houses with meter-boxes, which is a tool where the research firm can trace which network is being watched in the household.

In one of the episodes of The Buzz, ABS-CBN claimed that the network that bribed AGB-Nielsen was GMA. The network had a witness that testified that GMA was behind those bribing. However, when the court asked for IDs, or some form of proof to check if he was actually affiliated to GMA, he couldn’t show any.

GMA network filed a libel case against ABS-CBN because of the statement of malice against them. GMA network argued that they didn’t bribe anyone from Bacolod since they do not have any promotional activities in that area. They presented this during the press conference that was held this January 2008.

Until now, this case has not been resolved. ABS-CBN is appealing for motion to consideration in the court. And ABS-CBN and GMA are continuously showing proofs about the issue. They have done a lot of corporate advertising telling the viewers how they are against such unethical practice. And ultimately, both networks claim that the fight is not about business but about the search for the truth.

Who do you think is telling the truth? Who do you think is behind the bribery? Feel free to voice out your comments!

image from: solidnakapamilya.bravehost.com/sk_news.html

Sunday, January 20, 2008

UA&P I AM S.T.R.O.N.G. : Sibling Relationship

By: Sara Badr

Growing up with two brothers and no sister is tough. As a kid, I thought of my brothers as my role models, by the way they dress, walk, act and talk. At the same time, I felt I didn’t belong.

I had to face the fact that I was not like my brothers and I didn’t belong to their “circle”. They made sure that I knew that should be hanging out with girls and not with them. Even so, this never stopped us from playing together at home. My eldest brother would always be the initiator and the mediator of a crazy game or activity and my other brother and I were always game for it. I realized then that boys are really fun to have around, especially if they’re your brothers.

However, it was really difficult for me growing up without having someone to understand me as a girl other than my mom. I needed someone like one of my peers. I wanted a sister. I knew back then that I wasn’t getting a sister any time soon. So, I settled for my friends, my brothers and my mom as “peer” counselors.

Upon reaching high school, my brothers and I were getting more mature and into the same kind of interests (not completely). My older brother and I got closer. He would share to me his stories of his past girls, his crushes, etc. Those “sharing” times were and are moments that I will always treasure. Him being one year apart from me served and serves as my buddy, and at the same time, my arch nemesis (sometimes). I guess it’s like that for some people, the closer your gap is the more likely you’d quarrel a lot. My eldest brother, on the other hand, served and still serves as the disciplinarian, peer counselor and friend among the siblings. He makes sure that we know our responsibilities and we do them.

I didn’t know how to relate with my brothers back then. But as I opened up and the lesser I forced myself to fit in, the more I was understood and “accepted” by them. Sometimes, if you want to get close with your siblings, you have to know them more, but you shouldn’t seem like you’re trying too hard. Let them come to you and let yourself in, naturally. That’s how I did it and it turned out well.

How about you?
did you get close to your siblings? Or are you?

Friday, January 18, 2008

UA&P I AM S.T.R.O.N.G. : Inspiration- Finding it, using it and loving it. (Part II)

By Shirin Eugenio

So how does one find inspiration?

Get out of your bubble. If you have defined your inspiration to be your boyfriend who is also your classmate, carpool-mate, movie-partner, org-mate and neighbor, then inspiration will be as predictable as a Disney fairy tale. To find true inspiration, the range of experiences you must allow yourself must be wide enough. This is precisely because, the inspiration will jump from the myriad sources you are attuned to. And the surprise of an inspiration will animate you like you’ve never felt before. So, burst that bubble, and join bigger bubbles.

Embrace the brilliant, the unique, the unexpected, the different. We often get intimidated by somebody more brilliant than us, or stay away from the unique – because it’s just hard to accept it. Being inspired by something completely unexpected (example, those funny Japanese products) does not mean you’ve found the ultimate solution to your mental block. An inspiration can spark your own idea, or open your eyes to new possibilities. From there, you will be surprised that you can twist, modify, add, minimize, exaggerate or reverse your first thought after one teeny-tiny dose of inspiration.

Don’t put a high price on inspiration. There is a huge expectation on inspirations, like time has to stop when it happens, or a choir of angels will signal the moment. Anything short of this is not inspiration, it’s just… wala lang (a technical term now). If we continue to think this way, we fail to see the little things that are actually big sources of inspiration. As a teacher, it would be fantastic to have geniuses to inspire lecturing for three hours straight. However, I was surprised to realize that it was the little things from my students that excited me – the reactions to my corny humor, the crazy ideas they throw, the understanding that registers in their eyes. These are easy to miss if expectations block your view.

Look for diversity. When you are with the same kind of people 24/7, chances are the inspiration bursts are next to none. Because everything is comfortable, convenient and conventional. If you are an advertising major, hang out with engineering students once in a while, and be swept away by all that technical genius. Take a break from your whiny friends and get new conversations from older, more mature people. Sit down where you can view a crowd and a place at the same time. You’re good at math? Enough with the advanced calculus already and study a new language. Read good quality magazines. It’s like listening to the most fascinating minds talk. Having diversity in your life is like planting seeds of inspiration. Soon these will grow into new passions that breathe life into you, everyday.

Find the real good thing. Let’s get one thing straight – there is no inspiration in a guy who smokes pot all day. Or a girl who sleeps around. Or a corrupt boss. Unless, you are inspired to be their total opposites. Even then, it takes the most enlightened minds to figure that out. So, if inspiration is meant to awaken you to be better at something, then the source of the inspiration has to be a good thing. So, find the real good thing in the things and people around you. I believe that goodness is in abundance. It just hard to see them through the haze of apathy and bad reviews. Is your mom naggish? They all are, but that’s not the only thing they are. They love us unconditionally. Be inspired by that. Is schoolwork so exhausting? Of course, but that’s not all it is. It is your source of conversation with other people. Be inspired by that too.

Inspired people are fearless. Deadlines, break-ups, bad grades, tight budgets, crazy families, moody friends – these things don’t intimidate them because they find inspiration to rise above all these. Inspired people are both thinkers and doers. That’s why they accomplish more. Lastly, inspired people inspire others. Without their knowing – they let other people experience that smile in the mind, that tug in the heart, and the tiny miracle that changes them forever.

What do you think about Ms. Shirin's blog entry? How do you see inspiration?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

UA&P I AM S.T.R.O.N.G. : Inspiration- Finding it, using it and loving it.

By Shirin Eugenio

Inspiration is like a smile in the mind. A tug in the heart. A tiny miracle that lasts a moment, but it changes you forever. When inspiration happens to you, suddenly you can write better, or the things to do are just clearer, or the desire is a tad stronger.

It’s surprising that we usually attribute the need for inspiration only when in the throes of producing something artistic (like a mural or a song), something substantial (like a story or a reaction paper), or something revolutionary (like designing the iPod to end all iPod fantasies). For anything else ordinary, we feel inspiration is unnecessary because all we need is to know how to do it, have the time, and just be done with it. Do you really need inspiration to clean that closet you can hardly close? Can inspiration help you when you’ve screwed up your Calculus exam? Why find inspiration if everything comes with a manual these days? It’s quite easy to disregard the need to be inspired, simply because either we reserve inspiration for the times we think it is desperately needed, or we think looking for it is as cheesy and corny as a childhood crush.

No wonder most of us approach some of life’s mundane activities with such apathy. We have defined inspiration so narrowly as a push button. Time for a more liberal look at inspiration.

I fell in love with the origins of this word. Inspirare, a Latin word that means to inflame, to breathe into. Generally, it means to influence or animate with an idea or purpose. To inspire is to breathe life into something – like a stuck mind, a lost soul, a tired team, or a humdrum life. An inspiration is meant to awaken you. To be an inspiration to somebody means you move them to do something, or everything that they feel they couldn’t. If this is how inspiration really is – then, all the more we need it everyday, in huge doses! You need it in art class, as much as you need it when your mom asks you to clean your bathroom for the nth time.

Now we know what it is. But, why do we really need it? I realized that doing the right things like being a responsible daughter/son, studying for an exam, apologizing for a mistake – they are difficult to do because so many things get in the way (like ego, television and more ego). But if something inspires you to be better everyday, then doing the right things are all that matter to you. The right things might not be easy-breezy for you, but you are inspired to do them all the time.

Upholding the values we believe in like integrity, honesty, excellence, and respect can be challenged everyday. The opportunities to sell yourself out come in irresistible packages: cut and paste somebody else’s work on the internet so you can sleep now; tell your parents you’re studying in a friend’s house so you can go to a drinking binge secretly; add an extra P500.00 to the cost of your books so you can keep it and avoid asking your parents for more allowance. To continue believing in values, one must be inspired by something greater than oneself. It could be anything – your father’s magnanimity, the concept of heaven, or the maybe the whole pay-it-forward ideal – we all need to be inspired by something that convinces to never sell our souls.

Lastly, we need to find inspiration to discover who we really are. If we leave it to chance, we might end up conforming to what’s easy, current, or even wrong. Each time we encounter an inspiring life-story, or a creative idea, I believe part of the elation comes from the pleasant discovery of what is good for us. Soon enough, after unfolding a piece of ourselves little by little, we find out the things we love or hate; what we can give up and what we can’t; what makes us happy and what doesn’t. The right inspiration could be your own key to self-discovery.

So how does one find inspiration?

Watch out for the continuation...


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Monday, January 14, 2008

UA&P I AM S.T.R.O.N.G. : Head's Up, It's Ms. Shirin!

Jewelz says,
I would like to introduce you to my favorite teacher Ms. Shirin. She was our teacher (the best teacher) in Marketing Management. This was the day we got our first taste of what it was like to be in IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications). On our first day of class, we were all scared, anxious, and excited to see what our teacher was like. All we knew was that she was a graduate of UA&P as well. It's not that she was just a graduate of UA&P which made us curious about our teacher, she graduated with HONORS in the IMC program! Whew!! That's really tough work, believe me!

One of the most memorable moments is our first QUIZ!! It was a surprise quiz too.. No one reviewed the presentations and lectures... or even took a glimpse at our notes. We thought we were all doomed! It was a quiz from numbers 1-50 on....

"Name that brand!"

She flashed us logos of different brands and we had to name them... This lesson taught us that we had to be more aware of our surroundings, especially brands since we were marketing students.

Another important lesson is the definition of marketing management. I'm sure all her students remembered "managing profitable customer relationships."

I definitely enjoyed class and always looked forward to the next meeting. We enjoyed Ms. Shrin's company inside and out of the classroom. She always helped us even after marketing management and into 4th year. Ms, thank you for all the support... We couldn't have done it without you!

Ms. Shirin was not only our teacher, she became our friend. :)

Head's Up! We will be posting an article by Ms. Shrin... Don't miss out!

I really want to get some feedback from Ms. Shrin's class this year and also from her former students! :) or tell me about your favorite teacher!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

UA&P I AM S.T.R.O.N.G. : Learn Something New!

Folding T-shirts may be a simple task.. Here's a new way of doing it.
Check out this video and try it at home! :) It really works!

In English..

Let me know if you were able to do it...

Monday, January 7, 2008

UA&P I AM S.T.R.O.N.G. : Embrace Everything that Made You Happy in 2007

Joie speaks,

Other than coming up with New Year’s Resolutions, another great way to start the year is by being grateful.
Sit back, and take time to think about the things that made you happy last year.

Write a thank you for all the good things that happened to you during 2007. And if you can’t think of anything, then think really small.

If you can’t say thank you for meeting a best friend or getting an award in school, then maybe you enjoyed one great meal or had a memorable lunch date with your Mom. It all counts.

This is a great exercise that will make you realize that
life is better than you think.
What are the things you are thankful for in 2007?
Share them with us =)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

UA&P I AM S.T.R.O.N.G. : be COLLEGE-ready!

Krystle writes

I understand that most college entrance exam results will be out this month? Well, inspired by that, here’s *something I dug up (well, partially) not really not really to help the HS seniors out there (it would be late for that now, would it?) but the juniors and the lower batches. =p

*from the article, “College Bound” by Zia Morales

Ready for the big league? Here’s a quick guide to getting into your dream university.

Some people are lucky enough to know what their calling is at an early age. Most people do not, and panic at the pressure comes high in selecting a college course. If you fall under the latter category, relax! College is all about self discovery so expect several changes in your list of plans during that four-year span.

Unfortunately, college begins with an application process—and all application forms require you to select a specific course for enrollment. If you’re having trouble at this point, a talk with your parents, guidance counselor or homeroom adviser might help clear your head. Your teachers can also give you pressure-free advice. On your own, try to figure out what your skills and interests are. Do you enjoy learning about the inner-markings of the mind? Then Psychology might be for you. Do you have a special skill in selling stuff? Think about Marketing. Base your decision partly on what you’d love to learn about—school is, after all, a place to learn.

Remember, you can always shift to another course. Also, contrary to popular belief, the course you take in college doesn’t seal your future career fate. Think of it as the first step toward a life-long, ever-changing adventure.

Are you the biggest Blue Eagles fan on the face of the planet? The prospect of running into Chris Tiu on campus might sound exciting but that shouldn’t be the basis for selecting the university to attend to. There are several schools in and around Manila, not to mention the provinces.

Carefully consider what each school offers in terms of curriculum, extracurricular activities and facilities. Tuition fees, location and academic reputation are also important factors in your decision. University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, University of Asia and the Pacific, De La Salle University and University of Santo Tomas are generally considered the best schools in the country. If this matters to you, then you should aim for these schools.

Pick a school that best fit your needs and wants. Are you a promising athlete? Pick a school that has a strong athletic program. Are you thinking of being a computer professional? Then consider applying to one of the computer colleges. Apply to at least 3 schools to guarantee that you get into at least 1 school of your choice.

The application process for each school varies. Once you’ve narrowed down the list of the schools you’re interested in, contact their respective Admissions departments for specific requirements. There are some constants—all schools require completed application forms, high school grades, application fees and photos. You will also have to take (and pass) an entrance exam to gain entry into your school of choice.

What’s next? Since competition is fierce, giving yourself an added advantage over your fellow applicants might just give you the edge you need. If you are nervous about your chances, a tutorial center will help you brush up on your lessons and prepare you for your exams.

If you don’t get into the school of your choice, don’t take it as a stake in the heart of your future. Sometimes, the best things in life are the ones you don’t plan for—the school you do get into might be the right one for you. And if it isn’t—you can always enroll in your dream school as a transfer student. Remember, the path to college need not be straight and narrow. As with life, always be prepared to take some twists and turns along the way.

What do the HS seniors think? Help us help the incoming batches—share your thoughts and experiences. And, goodluck with the upcoming entrance exam results! =)

Oh and to the lower batches, are you ready for college? Let us know what you think! =P