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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thank you!!

Jewelz says...

Just wanna say thanks to all the readers of I am STRONG. Sad to say but the semester is ending and we'll be graduating! :) Thanks also to my groupmates!!

Here's an interesting video my friend Jem shared with me...

Blogs by UA&P IMC students:
your world vision - http://urworldvision.blogspot.com
ikeeplovereal - http://ikeeplovereal.blogspot.com
project isko - http://uapprojectisko.blogspot.com
isharehappiness - http://isharehappiness.blogspot.com
out of place - http://uap-outofplace.blogspot.com
knowledge channel - http://kchanneluap.blogspot.com

1 comment:

Joie said...

Many thanks to all our readers :) And to I AM S.T.R.O.N.G for allowing us to be a part of this great cause!

To Jewelz, John, Tel, Ruther and Sara:

Thank you for sharing your lives through your inspiring stories!

Everyone worked so hard! Congratulations :)

Joie :)